epMotion® 5075t

epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t
epMotion® 5075t

Get unique mixing performance with excellent temperature control to guarantee complete, dependable, and reproducible assay results.
The epMotion 5075t liquid handling robot combines high flexibility with 14.5 deck positions and integrated Thermomixer. It is controlled by MultiCon industry PC and can be configured with CleanCap and up to 2 thermal modules. More information

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The epMotion 5075t automated liquid handling system includes an integrated Eppendorf ThermoMixer® module to mix, heat or cool samples and reagents. The module can be loaded and unloaded with the gripper and pipetting to the mixer is possible before and after mixing steps. The Eppendorf ThermoMixer module is fully software controlled enabling pipetting onto other worktable positions while the mixer is in operation.


Fully integrated ThermoMixer with 2DMix-Control improves yield and application results,
e.g. resuspending bacteria pellets or magnetic beads. Peltier element for heating and cooling
of sample and/or reagents. The following epMotion versions are equipped with ThermoMixer capability, M5073, 5075t, 5075m, 5075vt. A ThermoMixer upgrade product is available
for epMotion 5075l, 5075v, and successor versions 5075LH and 5075VAC.

epMotion® 5075t

Sample preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

involves extensive manual processing that can be subject to human error. Eppendorf epMotion Liquid Handling systems are important tools for labs that want to significantly increase throughput and consistency of results. The automation of labor-intensive steps in NGS sample prep, like pipetting, mixing, temperature control and magnetic separation brings about a standardized and streamlined process, with significantly reduced hands-on time and minimization of human errors.
epMotion automation method for Illumina’s TruSeq Stranded Total RNA & TruSeq Stranded mRNA library preparation kits for Next Generation Sequencing are “Illumina Qualified”.

epMotion® 5075t

Gripper Tool

The gripper tool allows transport of labware on the worktable of epMotion 5073 or 5075 versions. It is loaded by automatic tool exchange and can be programmed easily in the software. The stacking of up to 5 plates is possible.

epMotion® 5075t


  • Same as 5075l, plus
  • Integrated Eppendorf ThermoMixer with 2DMix-Control technology
  • Temperature control range 15 °C below RT to 95 °C
  • Automatic fixing of labware for mixing up to 2,000 rpm
  • Pipetting at standard positions during shaking
  • 14.5 deck positions, 14 SLAS/ANSI plus small position for special reagent reservoir rack (3 reservoirs)
  • 2 thermal module options


  • Like 5075l, plus
  • Bead applications with mixing and tempering
  • Sequencing and PCR clean-up
  • Nucleic acid purification
  • Cell disruption
  • Immunoassays
  • Next Generation Sequencing library preparation
 epMotion® 5075t
Cooling rate4 °C/min
Gripper carrying capacity1,200 g
Heating rate9 °C/min
Mixing frequencyOff, 300 – 2,000 rpm, optimized for labware and application
Pipetting typeAir-cushion
SLAS/ANSI deck positions14,5
Temperature homogeneity≤ 10 % on the block
ApplicationNucleic acid purification
Heating rate5 °C/min, on the block
Cooling rate3 °C/min, on the block, above RT
Volume range0,2 µL – 1 mL
Power supply100 – 240 V ±10 %, 50 – 60 Hz ±5 %
Max. power consumption700 W
Dimensions (W × D × H)107 × 61 × 67 cm / 43 × 24 × 27 in
Weight w/o accessories87 kg / 191,8 lb
Temperature range–15 °C below RT to 95 °C measured in labware at 75 % filling height
Eppendorf ThermoMixer® 
Max. load1,000 g (2.2 lb)
Mixing period5 s – 120 min
Speed300 rpm – 2,000 rpm
Temperature range15 °C below RT to 95 °C
Thermal module (optional) 
Temperature range0 °C - 110 °C
Conductor – X, Y, Z Positioning 
Random measurement error±0.1 mm
Systematic measurement error±0.3 mm
Optical confocal infrared detectorContact-free recognition of fill level, inserted tools, labware, tip types and quantities
Optical sensorContact-free recognition of fill level, inserted tools, labware, tip types and quantities
Dispensing tool 
Random measurement error (1 µL)1,2≤3 %
Random measurement error (1,000 µL)1,2≤0.15 %
Random measurement error (50 µL)1,2≤0.4 %
Systematic measurement error (1 µL)1,2±5 %
Systematic measurement error (1,000 µL)1,2±0.7 %
Systematic measurement error (50 µL)1,2±1.2 %
1in pipetting mode, free jet, without pre-wetting, with distilled water, at 20 °C
2See Eppendorf Application Note 168 for typical pipetting performance
epMotion® 5075t
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epMotion® 5075t
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epMotion® 5075t
Video: epMotion® 5075t – Video – Esteve, Barcelona, Spain
epMotion® 5075t
Video: epMotion® 5075t – Video – Institute of Biotechnology, Prague, Czech