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By accessing Eppendorf Nederland B.V. website, you accept our privacy policy. You also accept that the use of our website may be monitored, tracked and recorded.

Any information given on Eppendorf Nederland B.V. website is for information purposes only. It is believed to be reliable and is subject to change without any prior notice. Products and services described may differ from time to time.

Eppendorf Nederland B.V. reserves the right to discharge an order if it is not corresponding with the general terms and conditions.

Eppendorf Nederland B.V. reserves the right to change without notice the data submitted by Eppendorf Nederland B.V. as a result of general changes to the products or generally for technical reasons, provided that the subject of sale is not adversely affected whether generally or in any respect which is important for the use and maintenance of the product.

On all our quotations are the general conditions of the FHI 2014 applicable, amended by the FHI, federation of technology branches, filed by the KvK Gooi-, Eem- and Flevoland under number 40507574. Regnr. STEK: N1138/execution Cool technical installations

For commercial customers only. All prices VAT exclusive.


All product prices at the eShop are list prices and are without VAT (BTW), and can at any time be changed / regulated by Eppendorf Nederland B.V., without notice.

The list prices are available in Euro (€). The total price will be updated at the end of the ordering process.


No minimum order value or handling fee applied to all purchases made from Eppendorf Nederland B.V. eShop.


All orders will be invoiced by Eppendorf Nederland B.V. in Euro incl. 21% VAT (BTW). Payment will be done within 30 days from the invoice date, unless special agreement has been issued in writing. Payments via credit card are not accepted.


In general your order will be processed within 48 hours / 2 business days from Eppendorf Nederland B.V. acceptance of your order. Delivery details will be stated on your order confirmation. A delivery charge of € 25 shipping fee will apply to orders below €250. Orders above €250 will be shipped free of charge. Delivery is CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid to) and limited to the Netherlands only.


Claim of shortage, damaged products etc. must be reported within 7 days from receipt of shipped products. Please do accept the shipment from the carrier and sign for the shipment as damaged. Immediately contact Eppendorf Nederland B.V., to report the damage. Please refer to your order confirmation number when you call and if you ordered using a purchase number; please also refer to this when contacting Eppendorf Nederland B.V.


The limited warranty period depends on the particular product purchased. With the exception of the product groups listed in the following, a warranty period of 24 months following invoicing to the customer for all Eppendorf Nederland B.V. brand products.

Product group

Warranty period

Heatsealers, automation, bioprocess, software

1 year



Accessories and spare parts pipettes

1 year



Electronic pipettes, electronic dispensers and TopBuret

2 years



Manual pipettes, manual dispensers, rotors for centrifuges, centrifuges 5804(R)/ 5810(R)

3 years



Spare parts shakers

3 years



Spare part freezers

5 years



Please note that the guarantee does not apply for products which have been damaged due to mishandling and improper use.

We refer to the warranty/service information on this home page www.eppendorf.nl and the warranty papers received with the product at the time of purchase.


Sample packs/demonstration products are not available through the e-shop; please send your request via e-mail to: support@eppendorf.nl.


In case of installation it is important that Eppendorf Nederland B.V. is informed about the exact location and on-site delivery route prior to this installation. If a contact concerning installation, demonstration or training has already been issued, please refer to this with a remark when placing the order at the eShop. Installation, demonstration and training are not included in the prices shown at the e-Shop but are available from Eppendorf Nederland B.V. on request.


Please do not return any items without prior approval from Eppendorf Nederland B.V. If in any circumstance you need to return a newly purchased product, this has to be reported to Eppendorf Nederland B.V. within 14 days from the invoice date and the return will only be accepted as new if the product is returned in the original, unbroken package. Eppendorf Nederland B.V. will not accept any invoices in relation to transportation of returned items. All return has to be done on the purchasers account and risk only.


Circumstances which preclude any claim for compensation and postpone the delivery date and/or payment date exist when breach of contract is caused by an obstacle beyond the control of Eppendorf Nederland B.V. which could not reasonable be expected to have taken into consideration or avoided at the time of entering into the contract, nor could reasonably be expected to have overcome.


Please note, you cannot cancel or make changes to an order once it has left our distribution centre; until then, however, you may be able to modify your order. Your first step will be to contact Eppendorf Nederland B.V. by sending an email to ecommerce@eppendorf.nl include your order notification number and provide details on what you would like to have changed. Eppendorf Nederland B.V. will contact you regarding the status of your order and whether it can be changed. In the case of goods which are manufactured or acquired specifically for your company a cancellation/change of the order will be handled according to the contract.