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VisioNize Services - Monitoring Notification
VisioNize Services - Monitoring Notification

Our VisioNize® services, monitoring and notifications, can help you to better manage and plan your daily lab life. With VisioNize you can remotely monitor your Eppendorf lab equipment and set customizable notifications to meet your and your lab’s needs. More information

Product Information

Leverage the built-in capability of your VisioNize-onboard devices by connecting them to the VisioNize Digital Lab Space.

Remotely monitor your lab equipment!

Monitor your laboratory equipment in real-time, whenever and wherever you want, and benefit from enhanced insights into equipment health and sample safety with VisioNize monitoring. Gain easy access to device information like serial number or latest installed software version for better device management.

Respond to issues quickly!

With VisioNize notifications, you can set customizable notifications based on individual interest and needs. The notifications will be send out via email and text messages, keeping you informed about temperature alarms threatening your valuable samples or remind you of recurring tasks.

Using our smart digital companion VisioNize, you can confidently guide your lab toward a smarter future.

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  • Manage your lab from any location and have more time for your research
  • Increase productivity and avoid downtime of your lab equipment through customizable notifications
  • Stay ahead of your lab life with alarm and event notifications